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a little about me...


I am Kimara, a born psychic medium, healer, and Spiritual Life coach.  When I was child, I often awoke with “strange” people sitting at the end of my bed trying to communicate with me from the other side. I eventually learned from my parents that this was not an unusual occurrence in our family, and as a result, I decided to hone my skills and use those gifts to help others.


Although I have been a professional medium for over 20 years, I continue to study and perfect my gift. I have most recently completed intensive studies at the Arthur Findlay College for Mediumistic Studies in Stansted, England and at the House of Spirit in Hannover Germany. I've recently returned from a European tour where I had the pleasure of  practicing mediumship and hosting workshops in England and The Netherlands. Currently, I coach and read for clients throughout Europe, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, the United States and Canada. 


As a professional psychic medium, I've worked privately, in group settings, and with one of the largest and most discriminating psychic sites in the world. Being of the site's most popular readers, I have written for, and been featured in their worldwide publications on several occasions. 


As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach, I assist clients worldwide in identifying and releasing (past and present) negative thoughts and patterns that impact their lives and prevent them from manifesting their dreams.


I'm a “no tools” reader who is able to tap into both my intuitive and mediumistic senses, to provide an extremely accurate and detailed look at your life situation.  During a reading, I deliver messages of love and hope from the other side through communication with your guides and departed loved ones. 


I've created The Blessed Self so you, my friends, have a great place to book a private reading with me, learn something new, attend online classes, find events, and grow and share in our (upcoming) spiritual community. Welcome!

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