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Private Events...

Conversations With Spirit J.Brown
The Dear Head Inn
Feb 20th 2017
Afternoon With Spirit
C. McCarthy 
March 12th, 2017

Host your own private group reading! 

Simply invite 9 to 12 people for a group mediumship reading in your home or space and receive the host's ticket FREE. All Private Events are listed through EVENTBRITE and are password protected to protect the host's privacy. There is never a need to collect money from your guests since they purchase tickets through the EVENTBRITE page. 


Contact Kimara for more details and to book your group reading. 


Here's what people are saying:

I have had two readings with Kimara, and both were amazing! The first was in August at a small event she held in Medford. There were about 10 people there including myself and my sister. Before she even was able to finish her introduction, Spirit was trying to get her attention. My sister and I joked with each other that it must be someone from our family. Then, Kimara said does anyone have a connection to someone from Cuba? We both just looked at each other and said "YES!" Our very beloved grandparents came to talk with us through Kimara. It was awesome! Our grandfather had passed away in 2012 but our grandmother was just this year in March. He gave Kimara very detailed descriptions of things we've heard about all of our lives and then he said, "I've brought my sweetheart with me." Our grandmother then said things we knew to be from her. It was so incredible! Every single person in the room had someone come to visit them that evening. So many emotions- love, joy, sadness, relief, and for most, closure. 

My sister and I decided then to book a private session with Kimara. We just had it on September 6, this time with our mother. First, we prayed together. Then, Kimara laughed and said "you've got a whole lot of people here!" We heard from my mother's favorite uncle -her godfather- whom she loved so dearly. It brought her so much closure because his death had been sudden and the details were unknown. We also heard from my dad who died 21 years ago of cancer. My parents were absolute soul mates, and the very first thing he told Kimara was to wish my mother a happy anniversary. They were married on September 6, 1969. He told us about the little signs he sends us, so we know he is with us, and so much more. We also had a visit from his mother, our other grandmother. And then, my mom's best friend of 35 years who just died this year, very suddenly without warning. All of our questions were answered. We had so many visitors and we enjoyed it so very much, the hour was full of love, laughter, tears, and it seemed like it passed by quickly, but what an incredible, fulfilling hour it was!! It brought us such a sense of peace. Our gratitude to Kimara cannot be measured, her gift is so wonderful and she shared it with us. We are so honored that she did.

-Jessie S. 9/8/16


As a child this was taboo.  I am no longer a child and find experiences in life and the questions that accompany them need answering.  I never intended to visit Kimara's group reading, in fact when first invited declined but for some reason I changed my mind and reserved a seat.  I attended with three of my daughters we were hopeful of having an enjoyable night out together and that was all we expected, but Kimara exceeded our expectations a hundred times. How she was able to connect with every individual in the room, some more than once even two times, was utterly amazing to me.  And not just connect but relive the relationship with whom she was contacting, their physical earthly pains and struggles in life.  There were tears of joy streaming down the cheeks of all who participated from the messages of love, and pride she was conveying.  Questions were answered for those who attended, hurts healed, and most of all the revelation that they're not alone.I was truly thankful for the chance to observe such a blessed experience, and to witness the contacts Kimara was able to share with some hurting souls in need of healing.  To witness the messages conveyed to the others in the room was enough for me, but when it was my time Kimara was able to convey advice from my dad who passed 20 years ago for my mom who has been going through some very difficult times lately, this was a bonus.  I can say truly and honestly that the spirit world I have at times questioned is working through Kimara, she not only possesses a special gift, but she is a special gift! - Regina Doyle 5/14


 The first time I met Kimara  was in a group setting in my home with some friends. We fell in love with her immediately. Her friendly approach and sweet demeanor put everyone as ease instantly. Kimara was Spot On with everything. We laughed, we cried, many of my friends received the closure that they needed. No one walked away a non believer. I highly recommend hosting an event, it was truly a great night.

The SECOND time I met Kimara - I had just purchased my home from a friend who had recently moved out of state. A week later that friend's 21 year old son passed away, unexpectedly. Quickly after his passing I had a feeling of his presence in the house. Within a short period of time strange occurrences were happening at my home. Now having rented the same property for a couple years prior to purchasing it, I knew this was not the norm for this house. During one of my many trips to the electrical fuse box (as a result of these occurrences) I noticed indications that I have a mouse problem - calling an Exterminator was now on my list of things to do. Within a couple of weeks these events had gotten to the point that I could not ignore this any longer. I was torn, who do I call? The Exterminator to get rid of the mice or my Medium to get figure out what is going on with these spirits that are reeking havoc in my house? Mice, I know how to handle. Spirits, not so much. I called Kimara. I'm a believer in the spiritual afterlife, but I have to admit, I didn't know that I believed this much! The boy that had passed was in our home without direction. He didn't know where to go. He was searching for his mom. Watching Kimara in action and hearing her express his many emotions and state of confusion was truly an experience I will not soon forget. This boy was my son's best friend so his words she was expressing - I knew they were his. I witnessed the energy in my house go from dark and sad to a lighter mood ending in an air of clear and fresh. Unfortunately, I still have the mouse issue, but that's an issue I can handle! Thank you Kimara, thank you on so many levels!! 

-KT Medford, NJ 9/9/16





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