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Dive into Spirit: Awaken the Psychic in You!

Intensive All Inclusive Weekend Retreat

at Mount Eden Retreat Center

Washington NJ

November 7th - 8th 2015

Do you trust your yourself???

  • Do you battle against your own intuition and later say, “I knew I should have_________." 


  • Do you wish you had proven methods that you can practice at home to open your intuition and raise your psychic frequency?


  • Would you like to develop your psychic ability for personal or professional reasons? If so…

Come to Mount Eden Retreat Center for an All-Inclusive Weekend like no other, where you’ll connect to your soul on the deepest level. In two days you will experience physical, mental, spiritual, and psychic transformation. This is a hands on experiential weekend designed to absolutely change your life. Take home the skills to easily contact your Spirit Guides, purify your body and mind, as well as boost your physical and psychic energies. IF you are READY to open up your psychic abilities, DON'T MISS THIS RETREAT!!!

Connect with Nature

Marvel at the rich colors of Mother Nature's fall foliage as you hike along scenic trails, meditate in serene and sacred spaces, and relax and breathe in the cool refreshing air of this 180 acre mountain top retreat. 


Savor five gourmet vegetarian meals prepared and served with love and intention from Mount Eden's own executive chef. Feel nourished, fulfilled and invigorated as you eat live foods. Create and sample fresh juices and delicious green smoothies designed to increase your prana and heighten your psychic frequency. Discover the importance of detoxifying your body and develop a 3 day detox program with our facilitator Dr. Christine Abrahams to practice at home.

And if you have special dietary requirements, no worries...Mount Eden is happy to accomodate your needs!

The Cuisine...

Unplug and Relax...

your mind, body and spirit. Learn ancient secrets to boost your psychic senses through proper breathing, meditation and yoga. Each day we will practice gentle yoga asanas and breathing techniques that calm the mind while energizing the body. 


Did you know you have Spirit Guides? Well get ready to meet them in a special guided meditation that will transport you into another space and time where you'll meet and chat with your personal guide!


Your mind, body and spirit in a traditional Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. Release toxic, negative emotions that are keeping you from manifesting your dreams while you sweat out impurities from the body. This holy and healing ceremony is life transforming and you'll get to experience it for yourself at this phenomenal retreat. Don't fret if you're unable to sweat because those who cannot participate inside the lodge hold the scared space with prayers and meditation outside whilst sitting by a roaring fire. Unsure of what a sweat lodge is and how it works? Watch the video to learn more.

Psychic Development

Learn proven techniques to raise your psychic vibration. Work hands on with new friends practicing psychometry, aura and color readings, pendulum and one on one readings. You will leave with tools to practice at home and confidence in your strengthened abilities as an intuitve. 

Let's recap the benefits...

  • ​​Open and develop your psychic awareness and skills

  • Meet your Spirit Team

  • Learn and practice several modalities of psychic reading (psychometry, remote viewing, no tools reading, aura and color readings, pendulum, and one on one readings)

  • Savor 5 mouth-watering vegetarian gourmet meals

  • Create and sample detoxifying fresh, delicious live juices and smoothies to boost your psychic frequency

  • Purify the mind, body and spirit in a traditional Native American Sweat Lodge 

  • Learn and practice proper breathing and meditation

  • Invigorate your physical and spiritual being with gentle Hatha Raja Yoga

  • Understand the importance of being a clear channel in body, mind and spirit

  • Raise your vibration for excellent Spirit communication

  • Explore 180 acres of natural beauty and peaceful serenity

  • Marvel at nature’s spectacular display of color on this mountaintop retreat

  • Come away renewed, revived, refreshed and with strengthened psychic abilities

The Investment...

All Inclusive Weekend $395


Want to arrive a day early to enjoy the serenity of Mount Eden? (simply add $100 to your registration fee (total $495)

 (a light informal dinner is provided on Friday Nov 6th)


$150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation. Full and final payment due by October 30, 2015. A full refund will be given only in the event of cancellation of this retreat. This is a rain or shine event that commences at 9am on Sat 11/7/15 with a meet & greet breakfast and ends at approximately 4pm Sunday 11/8/15. Those participants who wish to arrive on Fri 11/6/15 must make their request known in writing to and make their final payment including the additional $100 by 10/30/15. 


This is an all-inclusive retreat; all food, beverages, accomodations and activities are included in the cost. All special dietary requests must be submitted by Oct 30 2015 to be honored. It is recommended that you bring good walking shoes and slippers (all buildings are shoe free). Yoga mats are NOT provided so please bring your own. Accomodations are shared; we will try our best to honor your roommate requests. A full list of details will be emailed once your initial deposit is received. 

Retreat Facilitators...

International Psychic Medium Kimara

Kimara is a psychic medium, Reiki Master and Soul Coach. She is also a 2012 graduate of the Sivananda Yoga Ashram's 200 hour Classical Hatha Raja Yoga Teacher Certification program in Grass Valley, California. Kimara lives in Southern New Jersey with her husband Michael and five wonderful kids, aged 9 to 21. 

As the host of this fantastic weekend retreat, Kimara is super excited to facilitate your spiritual, physical and mental growth and development. Kimara will be teaching yoga, meditation and psychic development. Thank you for your trust. Namaste!

Dr. Christine Abrahams is a licensed counselor and counseling supervisor, a wellness & life coach, and Reiki Master.  She has studied psychology, and is immersed in the healing method originated by the Kalahari Shaman called “Shaking Medicine." In addition, Dr. Abrahams has pursued life-long studies in yoga, meditation, Vedanta, Christian and Jewish mysticism, as well as health and wellness. Dr. Abrahams offers Wellness and Life Coaching, specializing in Weight Loss, Candida Treatment, and Clean Eating for Spiritual Growth and Awareness.

Christine Abrahams Ph.D. is excited to teach Clearing the Path: Psychic Boosting through Detox and Live Foods.

Discover the secrets of detoxing and nutrition that will catapult you into a lifetime of clean eating, abundant health, and vibrant energy. Create and sample delicious juices and smoothies...AND take home an easy to follow 3-day detox program to try at home.

Christine Abrahams Ph.D.

Special Guest Facilitator

Omar Kahn 

International Medium

Omar Kahn is a highly regarded International Psychic Medium from Australia. Gifted from a very young age, the calling to help people lead Omar to leave a cogent career working worldwide with law enforcement agencies and multinational corporations as an International Investigator and Clandestine Surveillance Specialist.


Over the last four years Omar has traveled around the globe offering psychic readings and motivational programs for people from diverse backgrounds. His clients include heads of state, celebrities, athletes, actors, artists and business entrepreneurs who seek inspiration and direction in the pursuit of their happiness.


Omar, having suffered his own loss, donates his time in each city he visits around the world connecting with parents who have lost their children: a strong life purpose of his. He also offers donation reading for Veterans with PTSD. Omar currently resides in Manhattan, NY and is verified by the Edgar Cayce center, The Association for Research and Enlightenment.

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